Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Worcester Jubilee Flea

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Worcester Jubilee Flea today! It was a cold, wet and windy June 3rd, but people kept a very British stiff upper lip and got on with it! There were lots of shoppers out and about, so despite the dampness a good day was had!

There were some Jubilee themed items on offer such as these Royal and coronation tins:

And this book about Queen Elizabeth by Richard Dimbleby:

These art deco tea pots caught our eye from Rave Vintage, classic designs:

The rest of the Rave Vintage stall had lots of fantastic home and glass ware on offer and make a note, they'll be joining us for our next Flea on July 1st:

There were these really nice vintage tea and coffee sets from Steve and Erica:

And this coloured glass sets:

We were very happy to be joined by the lovely Sheila Wells who is new to the Worcester Flea and wasn't put off by the inclement weather, what a trooper! Although new to the Flea she told us she has been making and selling her handmade items for 40 years!

There's a few more pictures of today's Flea on our Facebook Page - thanks again to everyone who braved the weather and joined us!

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